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All The Best Tips About Background Screening Other People


Many transactions today are predicated on background screening. Obtaining a loan from a financial institution or a lending company is anchored on what they will find after looking into your background. Some employers are engaging in this practice as well. As part of their pre-employment process, employers are interested to know whether a potential employee has derogatory records that may possibly affect his or her work. Sometimes companies are also considering if these findings could affect the company’s image to the public, thus decides whether to hire or not.

Due Diligence

background checkingLooking into someone’s background for purposes of transactions like extending a credit line, or as part of pre-employment processes, can be considered as an exercise of due diligence in order to protect the financial institution’s interest, or that of the employer for that matter. Background checks can reveal the potential client’s credibility for business dealings that guarantee smoother transactions and good faith.

Checking one’s background as part of due diligence may prevent issues like identity theft and other similar frauds perpetrated through false identity or stolen information. It curbs potential losses in the financial and banking sector because of failed transactions with some not-so-credible clients. These checks raise red flags to companies that could then take calculated risks.

How Is Background Screening Done?

There are several ways on how to do background screening without the target even knowing it. The easiest and most convenient way to do it is through Internet search. With social networking sites easily accessible, anyone can basically search you online for some immediate information, anytime, anywhere.

Alternatively, the investigator can run through various government sites that have information about the subject. Information such as court records or other public records like those in the police may be accessed in some government websites. Note that some information available about us comes from government records like those in litigation and other court matters, which become part of public records.

A thorough background check may also be done outside the Internet. Investigators can go through the actual neighborhood to ask the people around and obtain information straight from individuals who personally know you. Similar checks may also be done through your past or present employment, or through the people you were once with.

Online Data Bank

Though there are public records about you contained in various government websites, there are some private entities that have successfully collated all these available information and placed it in one online data bank. Websites like and are just some of the private websites that collected data from available resources online like government sites and social media. allows you to search individuals in the United States and secretly obtain information. Details about court records, immediate acquaintances and other information are available here. They sourced it from various government sites and social media information.

By going through the sites, you would notice how obtaining information about someone could be very simple. First and last names are everything you need. If you have other information like the State where the person lives, that can be added in order to narrow down the results.

As the search goes along, the website would ask you pertinent information like acquaintances in order to further narrow down the results. Not being able to provide subsequently asked information would be fine though, as the computer would simply present a list of those containing that name. works pretty much the same way as The user simply needs to key in the first and last names of the individual they are looking for, with additional option to limit the results only to particular states. Unlike, does not ask further information as the search goes on. compiles all the information it thus obtained from various resources like government websites and social media in one result or summary. It contains details about criminal history, if any, previous address, contact details and other pertinent information you will find useful for your background check needs. is easy to access and offers reasonable rates. You can check out this BeenVerified rating through the link provided. It will give you an insight of how it works, as well as reviews from those who actually used it.